Cilly Clip™

Are you a tradesman that often has trouble with storage in your workshop or van? If you need to store silicone tubes, without damaging or losing them, then the Cilly Clip™ is the answer. Ideal for any workspace, they can be fitted in no time and even be attached under surfaces to give you much-valued space where you need it.

Where Cilly Clip™ Started

How can you store silicone tubes in a tidy and effective way in your van, garage, or workshop? That is where Cilly Clip started and now makes the perfect practical storage solution.

How To Fit Your Cilly Clip™

Find out how to fit your new set of Cilly Clip™ silicone tube holder. We give you a full guide to making the best of your new purchase.

Buy Cilly Clip™ holders

Buy Cilly Clip™ holders here and see the various options available. Do not forget the Door Adaption kit, which is the ideal finishing touch to your van storage.

Silicone Tube Storage

A versatile, space saving and efficient way of silicone tube storage. Available in boxes of 6 or 12 pairs, this effortless solution is a cost-effective way to arrange your workplace, perfect for spaces such as:

Contact Cilly Clip™ Today

Do you have a question about Cilly Clip™ silicone tube holders? Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help and give you advice on how Cilly Clip™ holders are the perfect silicone tube storage solution. Click below to contact us.

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