Silicone Storage Solution

Cilly Clip™, the unique silicone storage solution, was founded 3 years ago when Mike could not find a way to store silicone tubes in his van. Many tradesmen across the country use many products in their daily work and being able to find them and store them in an efficient way is important. No matter the silicone tube, mastic tube, caulking tubes and glue tubes, the Cilly Clip™ is the ideal way to solve your storage issue.

Solving The Problem

The key points Mike wanted to resolve were:

That is how Cilly Clip™ was born.

Van Storage

When it comes to van storage, space is at a premium. Every area of the van needs to be organised to get the maximum out of the storage area. When looking at silicone tubes they can be troublesome, most resort to boxes and this can cause damage to the tube due to movement. This is no longer a problem with the Cilly Clip™. Available in either a box of 6 or 12 pairs, they can be attached to any flat area, including van doors.

Workshop Storage

Just like vans, having effective storage in workshops is just as important. When planning your workshop storage, using the Cilly Clip™ to store your silicone tubes couldn’t be easier. They can be attached to the underside of work benches, and to the back of doors and walls. It's that easy to get your workshop in order.

How To Fit Cilly Clip

Each box of Cilly Clip™ silicone tube holders comes with a guide to attach them but here you will find our video guides to help you get the best from your new silicone tube storage clips.

Have A Question About The Cilly Clip™?

Do you have a question about the Cilly Clip™? Take a look at our frequently asked question page where Mike has answered the most common questions for you.

Cannot Find What You Need?

Contact Cilly Clip™, we are here to help answer any questions you have. Simply fill out the contact form on our contact us page and we will get back to you.

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