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The Cilly Clip™ is the ideal simple product to greatly improve your workshop, shed and van storage. Mike, the inventor of the Cilly Clip™, is going to answer the most frequently asked questions for you and help you to see how the Cilly Clip™ can solve issues many tradesmen experience.

That is what I used to do, and it did not really work. I had a stock of 20 or so different products to keep track of. I tended to lose my silicones under debris on the floor and I would end up buying replacements for stock that I thought I had used up, only to find that that I ended up with too much stock, taking up even more space than I did not really have. I sometimes damaged the tubes, by treading on them, or when they fell off something onto the floor, making them unusable. I found that searching through a box, bucket, or shelf, trying to find the one tube of Magnolia Caulking was taking up time that I would prefer to spend on getting the job done. In the end, I decided that if I could keep my stock of tubes off the floor and where I could see them, then my working day would be a lot more pleasant​.

When I came up with the idea of hanging my silicone tubes from the bottom of a shelf or the ceiling, I thought the same thing – “Daft Idea, It’ll Never Work!”

There was a lot of testing in the early stages involving my car, which is a Yaris SR. It has got sport suspension and you feel every bump. I mounted the clips under the parcel shelf and drove over the most impressive traffic calming schemes in the area. My early efforts did not work, so I kept on making thicker versions, until it worked. They were 3D printed prototypes. The injection moulded versions are a lot stiffer than the prototypes. I have since tested the principal out in my van using silicone spray to make the clips less grippy, and I have not lost one yet. So, the brief answer to the question is, if you have got a van with sport suspension and you drive like a maniac over ploughed fields, I would not trust it. If you have got a standard van, I cannot see a problem.

When fitted to a van door, most clips will stay in place even when the door is slammed shut hard, but there’s always a chance that one or two may fly off. This is caused by the sudden and violent stop when the door hits the rubbers. I’ve tested out the storage without the bar, and occasionally, one will come loose. And, for some reason CT1 tubes are a little bit looser than the others. If hanging your tubes on the inside of a van door is your preferred choice, then it may be better to use a system that uses cup like container system like 50mm pipe, or other systems that are on the market.

So, using the Door Adaption Kit is the perfect answer to solving this issue.

I developed the Cilly Clip™ as a way of storing all my silicones, sealants, and glues in the back of my van. Other ways of storing the tubes are available, but I couldn’t find any method that allowed me to do all this and get the best use out of the space available. This is due to the variety of ways it can be fitted and the compact design! It is also easy and quick to fit, and can be fitted by anyone. No special skills needed.

To quickly and easily keep track of stock, the faces and labelling of the tubes are visible all the times. They are easy to use and can be loaded while also hanging onto a tool bag in your other hand.​

It’s simple to buy the Cilly Clip™. You can buy them here on our website. Take a look below to see the options available.

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