Glue Tube Storage

Here at Cilly Clip™, we know the importance of having great storage solutions when you are a tradesman or need the perfect DIY, garage, or glue tube storage. We offer a simple product that solves a problem that has been an issue for many. These plastic clips were developed by a tradesman, who had an issue with his van storage and could not find a product to solve the problem with storing his silicone, mastic, caulking, and glue tubes.

So, in time he realised he had a great idea for a simple product in the Cilly Clip™ and how helpful it could be for tradesmen for their van storage, those who need great DIY storage, and in garage storage too. 


Many tradesmen across the country have issues with storage and one of these issues is glue tube storage, more commonly known as silicone tubes, as they can be difficult to store (no matter the amount) and that’s where Cilly Clip™ can help. Helping you to have effective storage solutions means you can make the most of the space available.

Van Storage

The original purpose for the Cilly Clip™ was to keep Mike’s van that bit more ordered. They can be attached to wooden paneling in the van doors to free up valuable space for extra van storage and make them easily accessible.

DIY and Garage Storage

Easy to fit and even simpler to order, our solutions are perfect for anyone who needs a quick way to save space and keep silicone tubes stored neatly away to lessen the chance of damage. You don’t need to be a tradesman for this unique storage solution to help with your DIY and garage storage.


Cilly Clip™ Storage Solutions

Do you need to ask a question about any Cilly Clip™ storage solutions? Contact us for helpful advice on our products or how they can help you improve your glue tube storage. We are here to help make your storage effective as possible.

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